Commercial Lighting & Repair

At Big Hill, we have extensive experience in the installation and repair of lighting controls and fixtures for our commercial customers,
including lighting for business and industrial premises, parking lot, landscape, emergency and street lighting systems. We also sell lighting fixtures and control systems and offer a wide variety of LED and fluorescent lighting solutions.

At Big Hill Electrical Services, we are very aware of the recent comprehensive changes to the Canadian Electrical Code. There are
completely new or extensively updated sections related to emerging technology, electric vehicles, renewable energy sources including
solar and wind power, new requirements for electric vehicles, revisions to the ampacity tables and ampacity calculation methods, safety regulations concerning tamper resistant receptacles within child care facilities and more. There are new requirements, for example, for receptacles in all types of dwelling units, for the location of electric heat controls in bathrooms, for fire protection of emergency power supply equipment, plus changes to wiring methods for emergency power supply, unit equipment, exit signs, life safety systems. Additional safety requirements have been added for infrared radiant heaters, for the means of disconnecting central units supplied by multiple circuits and much more.

The 2012 edition of the Code contains over 180 updates and revisions, the most there have ever been. Our commercial clients can rest assured that the fully qualified electricians at Big Hill will always follow the most up-to-date safety requirements regarding the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment for operation at all voltages in buildings, structures, and premises.

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