Thank you Michelle. And thanks to all your team they were fantastic with all our requests.
Great group of guys and we were happy to have them as part of our project.
Janet – Residential

Thank you for the incredible service.
Bob – Residential

I installed my new hot tub last week. I am a DIY guy and did all the electrical work. The tub fired up and heated up to its max. My wife went out to check something out on it a couple days later and much to her surprise and mine, it was off and the water temperature was dropping fast. I went over the manual front to back. The tub continued to kick out for the next two days with temperatures falling. I didn’t sleep for 3 days thinking our $5000.00 investment was about to be an expensive ice feature. I called BHE as I heard they were reliable. The lady who took the call sensed my desperation and told me I would be called right away. Harold called me within minutes and within 45 minutes two electricians were at my door. They were professional and polite and started tracing back my work finding the problem in minutes. They never insulted me on my work as they knew I was embarrassed already. They steered me in the right direction and by morning the tub was running correctly. It’s been 5 days; no problems. The invoice was more then reasonable and fair. The final touch was the complimentary Starbucks card.
BHE saved my investment and alleviated my stress. I have recommended them already and will no doubt use them when I make my next DIY mistake.
Thanks guys
James – Residential

Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you. The guys did a fantastic job and we couldn’t be happier with them. There aren’t a lot of people we can say that about on this job. We appreciate your quality of work and promptness in getting it done and will be contacting you if we need anything in the future.
Kevin – Residential

I think very highly of your company as a result of seeing the care and attention to detail that the guys displayed when they did electrical for me at my Bridgeland condo and my Tuscany house. Appreciate you sending your electricians experienced with doing jobs like this one re: my hot tub and pot lights. After seeing what the air conditioning installers had to go through, my developed basement presents its challenges as you likely noticed when you were here.
Cindy- Residential

The guys did a super job, excellent workers and very professional
Remote Wilderness Camp – Commercial

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the crew that came to do the install this afternoon. They were very efficient, courteous and punctual. I would not hesitate to call again, should the need arise, or recommend your company to others.
Robyn – Residential

We were having troubles with our breakers with nuisance tripping problems. I called Big Hill, and they were out the next day. They installed new breakers to split up the circuits. Since then, everything has been working perfectly. It was a job well done!
Melanie – Residential

We really were impressed with your employees and the work they did. I will definitely call again when we need help. THANKS!
Government Organization – Commercial

For all the efforts you and your staff took in order to complete the project in a timely and efficient manner. Appreciate it.
Sanibel Landscapes Ltd – Commercial

Big Hill Electrical was fantastic to work with. I sent the documentation for the system to Harold ahead of time and his guys showed up ready to go. They were on-time, finished the project quickly and passed inspection with flying colors. His team on-site were very professional and courteous. They were also very conscious of cosmetics and safety of the installation. They are not your cheapest supplier, but they are a good value considering how easy there were to work with. The office staff were also very supportive on follow-up. This is my second time with them as a supplier and I will be using them again.
Trevor – Residential

Over the past 8 years I have used Big Hill Electrical Services a number of times to perform new electrical work or smaller upgrades. They have done Cat 6 data installs for a number of new classroom portables. These were done with care, including patch panel punchdowns and labeling of both patch panels as well as termination ports in classrooms. Jason and Harold also did power upgrades to a small server room/datacenter, again with an eye to a very high quality of workmanship. Recently they did a power upgrade to support a video wall composed of 12 46″ displays. Harold and Jason are always reachable and communicate well. They are prompt for site visits and if an unforeseen delay occurs, I know about it right away. I highly recommend them!
Private School – Commercial

We have hired Big Hill Electric for jobs in the past which have all been done quickly, with awesome service and we were 100% satisfied. Today I called with an electrical issue and explained we couldn’t be open tomorrow without fixing it. Over the phone Harold solved the problem – when he could have easily come here and charged us a service call. Much appreciated and now it’s business as usual!!! 🙂
Daycare – Commercial

Big Hill redid the lighting in my kitchen and dining room , replaced the fixture in the living room which is open to the second storey and replaced the light fixtures on the second floor. The work in the kitchen and dining room involved removing a sunshine ceiling light box, installing 7 pot lights, moving another fixture and installing two pendant lights and finally shifting the dining room so that it would be centred over the table. I discussed the plans with Jason who made excellent recommendations. Jeremy and then Graham finished the work which had to be done over two separate visits to accommodate ceiling repair. Jason, Jeremy, and Graham were prompt, easy to work with and I was impressed with how clean they left the house. I highly recommend Big Hill and will use them again for any electrical work that I need.
Susan – Residential

The company was accessible (no voicemail). Harold took the call and made it all happen. And when we had to check on something he texted – awesome. The service techs were punctual and great. Thanks Big Hill
Medical Clinic – Commercial

Just wanted to share a great experience I had with a local Cochrane Electrician company. I had an electrical issue with my bathroom and laundry room following a home DIY project I completed this weekend. I reached out to Big Hill Electrical Services to come take a look. Before attending, Harold sent me an email suggesting I try something first before they came out. I did exactly what he suggested and it worked. They did not even want to accept payment when I offered so Instead I wanted to share my very positive experience. If you need an electrician, I’d highly recommend them.
Mark – Residential

I have used Big Hill several times for both our business and residential electrical and network wiring needs. The service they provide is top notch – in one case accomplishing some fishing that another company said could not be done without opening up the drywall.
Wayne – Residential & Commercial.

I have used Big Hill several times for both our business and residential electrical and network wiring needs. The service they provide is top notch – in one case accomplishing some fishing that another company said could not be done without opening up the drywall.
Midus – Commercial

I have used Big Hill Electrical Services several times over the past 18 years for my office. My home plumber has used them as well a couple of times as well when a plumbing job requires electrical work. Always professional and courteous. Work is done quickly and very well with very little disruption to normal business operation. Highly recommend them.
Bill – Commercial

I use Big Hill Electrical for all my personal and business needs. The company consists of a husband, wife, sons and others hired by them. They are an honest team of hardworking people. My respect for them goes beyond just their electrical work, I respect their Christian values and charitable work they have contributed to not only here but also in international disasters where they volunteered their services. I know no other company like them.
Adrian – Residential & Commercial

I have used Big Hill Electrical on a few occasions. Harold was awesome when had
heating problems that were related to bad relay. Also did some pot lights. First Class and very knowledgeable. Very courteous, friendly & tidy. Highly Recommend.
Greg – Residential

We recently used Big Hill Electrical for the installation of a number of fixtures in our home. They were very professional, priced fairly and made us feel like our business was important to them. We will definitely use them again. We really appreciate how they cared about the job that they were doing and were very respectful of our home while doing it. Thanks for the great job!
Heidi – Residential

I had a couple of electrical outlets outside my house that suddenly stopped working. I called Big Hill to schedule an appointment to fix this. Harold from Big Hill actually called me and walked me through where to locate the rest button (which was way above the electric panel downstairs). I simply pushed the reset button and fixed it. Harold saved me a $125 service call and has a customer for life. Thanks!!
Adrian – Residential